Italy, Between Emilia and Tuscany:
Way of living in the tall hill!

Code H4 (Reserved!): House in stone restructured situated in a small suburb in the province of bologna ca 7 Kms from the region Tuscany.! Situated house in the zone very set apart very more in the inhabited suburb in the past House absorbed in the nature ! Stonehouse in the ancient suburb of Emilia Italy, between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany: Rustic in stone in the small suburb. Code H4 In tall hill with loss panorama d eye House in situated stone to ca ca 7 Kms from the border with the Region Tuscany. Also this rustic is more appropriate for an use as house vacations."Rural" it is a classical construction in

his kind and elegantly restored (also financially very interesting compared to rustic similar in the other zones.) Good for the panning and for his independence. An angle of the house is to contact with l angle of a neighbor, therefore on three sides it is independent and the quarter.. almost independent! (the single houses are a little it departs of ancient Suburbs -, more often tovare is been able portions of house) the dimensions " vivibili " the walls in stone does to sight, they make her/it a good alternative as rustic, towards the often expensive hamlets in sale in region. (as also in Tuscany) advantageous Price, without compromises, respect the classic of the Rural residences, as also the beauty of panorama. Surface of the ownership ca. 75 mqs. P.terra + 2 Sopraelevatis. Already well restored, it Misses however the Bath, that owes to still be tile to the moment, to really liking. (Without any increase of expense) electric Energy and water are regularly already services.
The country house lies in the zone very remote, middle into the nature into the wooded zone to a about from 850m, nevertheless is rare she/it the wintry snowfalls, also 4 years without snow, actually the vegetation practically only of mediterranem is type and in summers a little fresher than into the level, but on no account cold!
Signs on the City : Granaglione, in the province in Bologna, dista 67 Kms from the Chief town of Province. The population to 31-12-2003 is of 2184 inhabitants. E' this the Commune more Southerner of the province in Bologna, to border with Tuscany (common days Gun and Sambuca Pistoiese), from which separate him/it the course of the River Reno and of the stream Orsigna, his tributary of left, while the I Get back Great it marks to a large extent the border of it with the commune of Porretta Terme. II territory of the commune is extended to a large extent on the steep slopes of the mountains that crown the Valley of the Rhine toward west, stretching only himself/herself/itself in the less tormented high ground in the zone of Suburb Huts, they Launch, Madognana, where the last buttresses of the Mountain of Granaglione descend gradually more softly toward Porretta.

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